Our Work in Washington

We’re passionate about creating lasting change for  our entire country because we know that our Jewish communities will only be as strong as the civic society’s in which they exist. As Congress has worked to aid the country in battling the social, political and economic impact of COVID-19, we lobbied with our partners in the nonprofit sector in support of the CARES Act and expanded eligibility and increased funding for the Paycheck Protection Program. We helped ensure that thousands of Jewish institutions and synagogues were able to access more than $500 million in forgivable loans.

Read our full 2020 public policy priorities.

We uphold the social safety net.


We know a nation is only as healthy as its people. That's why we help protect essential programs, such as Medicaid and Medicare, support Jewish health and long-term care agencies, and promote service coordination, wellness initiatives, and financing solutions that help patients and medical professionals alike.

We secure the future for charitable organizations.


Programs such as the charitable tax deduction and the IRA charitable rollover encourage more donors support the causes they value most strongly. We advocate for these vehicles and others — like a new, proposed “above the line” charitable deduction for those who do not itemize — as well as policies that help nonprofits work smarter and better, such as expanded advocacy opportunities.

We empower older adults to age with dignity.


Services we lobby for — such as transportation, affordable housing, and caregiver support — make a world of difference for seniors. Our Center for Advancing Holocaust Survivor Care is a leader in caring and advocating for the 25,000+ vulnerable survivors living in poverty in the U.S. We also protect retirement programs and help keep the elderly safe from financial exploitation and physical abuse.

We strengthen the critical U.S.-Israel relationship.


Allies know they can count on one another. We stand with Israel — the only democracy in the Middle East — and support legislation that allows the country to better defend itself and counter boycott, divestment, sanctions and other efforts to threaten its economic vitality. And we continue to advocate for peace through a two-state solution.

We ensure the safety of Jews worldwide.


Amid an increasingly unstable world, we support legislation and actions that condemn global anti-Semitism and allow communities to counter emerging threats, from terrorism to cyberattacks and active shooters.

We help communities recover from natural disasters.


We act before crises happen, lobbying for federal funding that ensures disaster survivors receive food, shelter and other emergency provisions. Our Emergency Committee coordinates a system-wide disaster response, mobilizing resources where they are most needed.

We support a full range of possibilities for people with disabilities.


Everyone deserves the chance to realize their full potential. With and as people with disabilities and their families, friends, and caregivers, we work to safeguard laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act, which support full inclusion in and accessibility of education, employment, transportation, and more. We also lobby for funding for research and services for developmental disabilities, particularly Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We ensure that the most vulnerable receive the services they need.


Our communities thrive when everyone’s needs are met with respect and compassion. We advocate for legislation that ensures ongoing funding from programs that serve the millions of Americans facing poverty, food insecurity, domestic violence, sexual assault, hate crimes, and more.

We help educate the next generation.


We know that learning happens in so many different places and forms. That’s why we cultivate healthy, vibrant, and affordable Jewish day schools — in part through new tax incentives — while also supporting policies that strengthen public schools, early childhood education, and after-school programs.