Collaboration. Innovation. Impact.

Education and Engagement

Collaboration. Innovation. Impact. When it comes to Jewish journeys, there’s no one roadmap. Whether we’re teens or parents, young professionals or seniors, our explorations of Jewish life are multifaceted and dynamic. And today, there are more ways than ever to find a new direction or deepen a connection.


The Jewish Education and Engagement department empowers and supports Federations as they reach out to Jews wherever they are, giving them the tools they need to live more vibrant and meaningful Jewish lives. It’s an investment in enriching our people and our communities, now and in the future.




We are a laboratory for new ideas, challenging the status quo and shaping conversations that reimagine strategies, leadership, and Jewish community in response to evolving needs.




We convene changemakers who share smart practices and resources and make data-informed decisions to create more and better education and engagement opportunities. And we help them strengthen connections to each other and local partners, from synagogues to supermarkets.

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Our Ideas in Jewish Education and Engagement blog covers the latest in Federation contributions and innovations from the field.