Federations Join #Togetheratthetable To Build Unity This Shabbat

This Friday, come #Togetheratthetable. After events in Charlottesville, join OneTable and Repair the World to strengthen civil discourse and build unity. Learn how you can host or find a dinner.​ Learn how you can host or find a dinner.

Cabinet Retreat Raises $2.5 Million for Federations

Hot off the press: 2017 National Young Leadership Cabinet Retreat participants just raised $2M+ — a jaw-dropping 24.5% card-for-card increase! Not to mention the 14 new endowments and 12 new Joshua Society members. Next up? Bringing that incredible energy back home.

After Charlottesville, Federations Rally for Tolerance

Across the U.S., Federations rally their communities to stand against divisiveness, embrace diversity, and step up their efforts at anti-hate education. Read JFNA's statement on Facebook.