Critical Vote on Billions in Federation Healthcare Funding Approaches

Billions of dollars for Federation-funded healthcare service providers — and patient care in jeopardy—if current Medicaid proposals succeed. Learn more at Federations’ 8th annual Health and Long-Term Care Summit, May 9-10 in Washington, D.C. Just 1 week left to register! 

How Federations Help Holocaust Survivors Cope With Trauma

Trauma still haunts thousands of Holocaust survivors. Federation's groundbreaking partnership with the U.S. government is helping ease their fears. Learn more in a webinar on Wed., April 26 @ 11 AM ET. Get details and register now.

Cabinet Members Reflect on Study Mission to India

Members of Federations' National Young Leadership Cabinet share experiences of their recent study mission to India, Cabinet's largest-ever.

JFNA joins letter opposing political endorsements by religious groups

Jewish organizations, including JFNA, join a letter to Congress from religious groups urging the preservation of a law banning tax-exempt faith groups from endorsing candidates and political parties