Federations Oppose New Senate Healthcare Bill

Warning: Medicaid is under attack! Senate's new healthcare bill could be voted on next week. It would drastically undermine Federation-funded service providers, which receive $6B from Medicaid annually. Learn more, then use this sample letter and talking points to urge your senator t…

JFNA Joins Other Jewish Organizations' Criticism of Israeli Conversion Bill

JFNA and other Jewish groups criticize a proposed law to give the Chief Rabbinate a monopoly on Jewish conversion in Israel.

How To Bring Young Jews Closer To Israel

JFNA and the Israel Action Network work to bring young Jews, and young Americans of all kinds, closer to Israel

Plan on Planned Giving in 2017

Plan on planned giving in 2017. It’s expected to rise 5.4% this year. Leaders from 35 Federations and 21 Jewish community foundations learned how to boost legacy giving at a recent annual gathering of the Harold Grinspoon LIFE & LEGACY program, which has helped partners secure more than $…