Mandel Center for Leadership Excellence

Who We Are


The Mandel Center for Leadership Excellence provides resources and expertise to develop and retain the highest quality professional and volunteer leadership for the Federation system.


What We Do


We help Federation professionals develop talent and build new skills through programs like The Professional Institute.


We connect volunteers with opportunities to grow as leaders and deepen their Federation engagement. Our Yesod program helps lay leaders lead more effectively, and better manage change and mentor others.


Looking for scholarship opportunities? Contact your local Jewish Federation to see what’s available in your area.


Yesod Volunteer Leadership Development Program


Yesod, a Mandel Center program, helps communities build a pipeline of excellent volunteer leadership by investing in the development of individuals who demonstrate leadership potential. The curriculum, developed by the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning and written by Dr. Erica Brown, focuses on skills and knowledge needed to lead a Federation and includes, modules on the attributes of an effective leader, managing change and growing and mentoring others. Eighteen communities participated in Yesod in its first three years; next year, it will be offered to a wider audience.


In partnership with the Florence Melton School


Federation Career Opportunities

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