Young Leadership: The Future of Jewish Community

Who We Are

Looking for an energetic community of smart, philanthropic and well-networked peers in your city? Federation Young Leadership has you covered. 

We are 20-, 30- and 40-somethings who gather at social events, volunteer together to make our hometown a better place, and even travel together to far-flung places to help those in need.

We make a difference. And we have a great time doing good.


Taking Action

Young leaders are the future of Jewish community – and we want to have a role in shaping the way that future looks. We need your voice!

Get involved with a local volunteer project. Attend a networking happy hour. Travel to Israel or overseas with us on a mission. We can help you find a way to connect that feels right for you.

Find your place in the Jewish community through Federation.

Next Gen Jewish Federation Fellowship

Introducing an intensive new community training experience for Federation professionals working in the Next Gen or Young Leadership space. Learn more about this amazing opportunity.


There’s more happening in your backyard. Discover it now! Find your community. Looking for a deeper connection? Learn about National Young Leadership Cabinet.



and more is raised each year by young leaders who donate to the Federation Annual Campaign.


Federations have robust programs to engage young leaders in Jewish life and community service.

Rising Stars: National Young Leadership Cabinet

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