We engage leaders and help them translate Jewish values into action


Federation secures the Jewish future by empowering community members to fully live Jewish lives and provide leadership to their community.

What does Jewish leadership encompass? For some, it’s sharing time, talents and mentorship. Shaping current programs and future plans. For others, it’s organizing around meaningful issues. Or investing in communal infrastructure.

Whichever vision speaks to you, there’s a way to pursue it at Federation.


Whichever vision speaks to you, there’s a way to pursue it at Federation. 

From young leadership to women's philanthropy experiences, giving back is always a communal experience. We nurture groups that unite leaders with similar passions, helping them develop their networks while deepening their commitment to Federation. Workshops, conferences, interactive webinars and training programs allow them to hone their leadership and management skills while strengthening group bonds.


Our culture of volunteering means that thousands of community members directly change lives every day.

Federation leadership programs have mentored tens of thousands of up-and-coming Jewish leaders, who are already guiding the community in new and exciting directions.

And from National Young Leadership Cabinet to our Prime Minister’s Council, high-impact Federation philanthropists are reshaping the landscape of Jewish life.

It’s about making leadership opportunities accessible to all. Whenever and however the calling strikes you.