Network Signature Programs

In Israel and around the world, the Network of Independent Communities funds a select group of programs that deliver vital assistance to the Jewish people and strengthen our global community.

Lunch and Learn in Dimona, Israel

One in three children in Israel lives below the poverty line, and many of those at-risk children live in periphery cities like Dimona that have large immigrant populations, many single-parent families, and high rates of unemployment. Nearly 500 at-risk elementary students in 13 schools across this Negev city receive extra academic help and a hot meal each school day, along with subsidized schoolbooks and the opportunity to participate in class trips. Lunch and Learn participants show significant improvement in educational achievement, behavior and self-confidence, and continue to excel as they transition to middle school.

Hesed Eliyahu in Tbilisi, Georgia

The elderly Jews of Georgia are some of the poorest in the world. They struggle to preserve their Jewish pride and personal dignity while facing unimaginable hardship. Hesed Eliyahu in Tbilisi brings food, homecare, medical care and winter relief to nearly 1,400 individuals. At the Hesed Eliyahu center, they can enjoy communal meals, participate in social activities, and access much-needed resources including free or subsidized medications. Those who are homebound receive visits from Hesed workers who deliver groceries or cooked meals, help with bathing, laundry and housecleaning, and forge a personal connection to the Jewish community.

PACT in Lod, Israel

The young children of Ethiopian families face vast educational and social gaps, and their parents often lack the skills to get them the help they need. PACT (Parents and Children Together) provides comprehensive educational and community services for Ethiopian-Israeli families. As children move from daycare to preschool to kindergarten, a social worker guides their parents through the services available to them. PACT provides medical check-ups, promotes health awareness and supplies eyeglasses and hearing aids. Parents receive the tools they need to help their children succeed.