2020 Heritage Society and Book of Life

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The Heritage Society pays tribute to individuals who have made a bequest or other planned gift to The Jewish Federations of North America. These gifts not only help to ensure that JFNA’s life-saving work will continue far beyond the lifetime of these donors, they also inspire others to commit themselves to the Jewish community in Israel, the United States and throughout the world. The Book of Life affords special recognition to Heritage Society members who have created a bequest or permanent endowment of at least $100,000 for JFNA. To learn more about creating your Jewish legacy, please contact Network@JewishFederations.org.

Heritage Society

Henry A. Alexander, Eugene, OR*

Mayer Alpert, Sheboygan, WI*

Jill and Gary Altman, Colorado Springs, CO

Bernard Appel, Ft. Worth, TX

Rose Baer, Mountaindale, NY*

Herman Balaban, Manitowoc, WI

Dr. Michael Baron, Blountville, TN

Vivienne Baum, Taos, NM*

Henry, Sophie, and Frank Bernhard, Columbus, GA*

Ida Blinkoff, Torrington, CT*

Jack I. Blum, Steubenville, OH*

Dr. Norman Bolker, Corvallis, OR

Anna Bohorad, Pottsville, PA*

Irving S. Caplan, Malone, NY*

Jerry and Tac Caplan, Springfield, MO

Andrea Carter, Monterey, CA*

Lucille Chasnoff, Carmel, CA*

Norman Clinkston, Saginaw, MI*

David and Pearl Coe, Dothan, AL*

Louis L. Croy, Manitowoc, WI*

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Danuff, Tallahassee, FL

Ruth Deckelbaum, Anne Arundel County, MD*

Theodore Ehrenkranz, Los Alamos, NM

Janice and Marvin Epstein, Bayonne, NJ

Jerome S. Epstein, Northbrook, IL*

David Feldman, Yorktown, IN

Dr. Eugene W. Feldman, Lewistown, PA

Drs. Paula and Henry Feuer, West Lafayette, IN*

Harold and Barbara Fox, McAllen, TX

Opal Gefon, Heber Springs, AR*

Sara C. Ginsburg, Steubenville, OH*

Fred Glosser, Johnstown, PA

Marvin Glyder, Biloxi/Gulfport, MS

Martin and Ethel R. Goldman, Plattsburgh, NY*

Elias and Estelle Goldstein, Stroudsburg, PA*

Morris Gorden, Baldwyn, MS

Florence Green, Johnstown, PA*

Frada and Walter W. Green, Danville, IL*

David Greenberg, Texarkana, TX*

Barry and Edith Greene, Martinsville, VA

Dr. Harry Gross, Pineville, LA

Sybil Barsky Grucci, State College, PA*

Trina and Arthur Harrison, Williamsport, PA*

Michelle Louise Hendy, Sandy, UT

Harvey Herzog, Pueblo, CO

Dr. Herb Hindler & Cynthia Wood, San Luis Obispo, CA

Dr. Erich and Hildegard Hirsch, Geneva, NY

David and Lorraine Hoppenstein, Waco, TX*

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Jacobs, Lorain, OH*

Florence James, Johnstown, PA*

Betty R. Kalin, Spokane, WA*

Anne Kaplan, Jericho, NY

Suzanne Rosenbaum Katz, Cedar Rapids, IA*

Gunther Kay, Santa Cruz, CA*

Philip A. Klein, State College, PA*

Elizabeth Kohl, West Hurley, NY*

Sanford and Kathryn Kranich, York, PA*

Morris Krinsky, Andover, MA*

Melvin Kruger, Macon, GA

Adele and Donald Langendorf, Carmel, CA

Myra Lebow & Frank Talenfeld, Wheeling, WV

Ada Lefkowitz, Hiawassee, GA*

David Leibenson, Oshkosh, WI*

William and Sara Leon, Los Alamos, NM*

Samuel Letvin, Red Lion, PA

Jack Lindy, Mobile, AL

Alice and Arthur May, Mulberry, FL

Esther Mellinger, Tyler, TX*

Morton Meyers, Johnstown, PA

Erna A. Miller, York, PA*

Herbert Mishkin, Monticello NY*

Willene and J. George Mitnick, Jasper, AL*

Herbert Moskowitz, Bayside, NY

Ruth Naftaly, Howard County, MD

Dr.  & Mrs. Sol Neidich, Beaufort, SC*

Joe Oliner, Macon, GA*

Anne Parrish, Kerhonkson, NY*

Dr. Martin and Elaine Pearlman, East Lansing, MI

Mathilde H. Piatt, Pensacola, FL*

Alina Rechnic, Evansville, IN*

Milton B. Recht, Weirton, WV*

Wynn Reynolds, Stone Ridge, NY

Ben Rogers, Beaumont, TX*

Yetta Rosenberg, Pawtucket, RI*

Elliot S. Schewel, Lynchburg, VA*

Dr. Joel Schiffenbauer, Gainesville, FL

Ferdinand Schoenfeld, Portage, PA*

Yale Schulman, Altoona, PA

Samuel W. and Marilyn Seidel, Salisbury, MD*

Gretl Sender, Erie, PA*

Jerry and Florence Shapiro, Wooster, OH*

Morton and Sylvia Sheiman, Williamsport, PA*

Jacob S. Shiff and Fannie Okamiansky Shiff, Duxbury, MA*

Louis H. and Cecille M.* Shornick, Jackson, MS

Adell Siegel, Colorado Springs, CO*

Mae S. Silver, Amherst, MA

Sylvia and Samuel Simon, Williamsport, PA

Rudolph Singer, Greeley, CO*

Dr. Wilbert P. Skirball, Greenville SC*

Sanford and Thelma Slutzker, Lorain, OH*

Fannye Smith, Waco, TX*

Gail J. and Stephen Smith, Lorain, OH

Sam Stambor, Lima, OH*

Margarethe Steiner, Fargo, ND*

Leona Stern, Asheville, NC*

Ben-Hagai* and Miriam Steuerman, Kenosha, WI

Sidney C. Sufrin, Amherst, MA*

Grace Tikosen, Monterey, CA*

Dr. Howard and Gail Tobin, Abilene, TX

Julia S. Todd, Cheyenne, WY*

Faye Unger, Lincoln, NE*

Florence T. Volk, Lancaster, PA*

Daniel Walden, State College, PA

Esther Wedner, Soquel, CA

Harvey Weiner,             Logan, WV*

Hedy Weinfeld, Monterey, CA*

Dr. Jack and Berthe Weitsman, Oak Ridge, TN*

Dr. David  Werner and Susan Ain Werner, State College, PA

Norman Winer, Santa Fe, NM  

Sylvia Wolfson, Honolulu, HI

Faye Zabin, Sioux City, IA*

Martha Zeff, Stockton, CA*

Gerard Zelenke, Wilmington, NC

Howard Zerden, Hickory, NC*


*of blessed memory

Book of Life

Roger* and Deane Ackerman, Sumter, SC 

Charles Alpern, East Liverpool, OH*

Burton and Jessie G. Baig, Calais, ME*

Abe and Janet Beerman, Johnstown, PA*

Wendy B. Block, Wilmington, NC*

William G.*. and Eleanor Brant, Terre Haute, IN

Abraham Brenner and Miriam Prystowsky-Brenner, Winston-Salem, NC*

Frances Brenner, Winston-Salem, NC

Mike and Wendy Brenner, Winston-Salem, NC

George Caplan, Wilmington, NC*

Jean Fishel-Caplan, Hilton Head, SC

Harriette Oliner-Carter, Macon, GA

David Cohen, Hickory, NC*

Elliott Cohen, Watertown, NY*

Willard L.*and Lois Cohodas, Marquette, MI

Annette Katz Cottingham, Corpus Christi, TX

Mirrel Davis, Titusville, PA*

Rebecca Davis, Titusville, PA*

Linda Diamond, Johnstown, PA*

Ruby Diamond, Tallahassee, FL*

Edward Effron, Princeton, WV *

Robert and Charlotte Effron, Princeton WV*

David Eisenberg, Vestal, NY*

Joe and Reva Engel, Jasper, AL*

Samuel Epstein, Warren, PA*

John and Catherine Farahi, Reno, NV

Gusti W. Frankel, Winston-Salem, NC

Dr. David Frolich, Macon, GA

Larry Furth, Sparks, NV*

Steven B. Goldfine, Duluth, MN

Margaret Anne Goldsmith, Huntsville, AL

Dr. Warren D. and Bobbie M. Goldstein, Colorado Springs CO/Birmingham, AL

Aaron Goldweber, Pine Bluff, AR*

Aaron and Nancy Gottloeb, Petoskey, MI*

Lynette S. Green, Fayetteville, NC

Gail B. Greenblatt, Columbus, GA

Dr. Harry Gross, Pineville, LA

Saul Harris, Stamford, NY*

Dr. Jeffrey Helicher, Gainesville, FL*

Dr. Stanley and Florence Hersh, Waco, TX

Rose Bagdon Hirsch, Ocala, FL*

Dr. Alice M., Eve and Saul N. Isen*

Abraham Kadish, Santa Fe, NM*

Doris Goodman Katz, Corpus Christi, TX*

Gretchen and Louis Klaff, Winston-Salem, NC*

Godfrey F. Klein, Keene, NH*

Sylvia Kopeloff, Muskegon County, MI*

Chip Koplin, Macon, GA

Mordehai Krakowski, Boonville, NY

Bernice Lerner, Salisbury, NC*

Dr. David H. Levin, Pensacola, FL*

David and Mona Markell in honor of Ira and Irene Jacobs and William and Elaine Markell, Tallahassee, FL

Gerson and Judy May, Jasper, AL

Herman and Ella Medwin, Carmel, CA*

Sybil Stern Mervis, Danville, IL

Dorothy Miller, Cincinnati, OH*

Maurine Muntz, Tyler, TX*

Susi Ohringer, Cape Cod, MA*

Neil and Marilyn Port, Altoona, PA

Morris and Sharon Purcel, Macon, GA

Bernard Rapoport, Waco, TX *

Morris E., William N., and Betty Rashkov, Spokane, WA*

Murray and Janis Robbins, Columbus, GA*

Edward E. and Hilda G. Rosen, Bangor, ME*

Pearl Rosenshine, Steubenville, OH*

Albert S. Rosman, Lancaster, PA*

Babette M. Rothschild, Columbus GA

Dorothy Rubin, Stamford, NY

Julian Saul, Dalton, GA

Alvrone Sater, Evansville, IN

Helene P. Schewel, Lynchburg, VA

Rosel H. Schewel, Lynchburg, VA*

Maxine Schiffman, Columbus, GA

Barbara S. Schwartz, Wilmington, NC

Nathan and Louise Schwartz, Wilmington, NC*

Jerome Shain, Wilmington, NC*

Stephen and Cheryl Shapiro, Wooster, OH

Morton and Eva Shavit, Petersburg,VA*

Dr. Richard M. Shiff, Plymouth, MA*

Sol Slotkin, Lancaster, PA*

Bucky Stein Family, Wilmington, NC

Abraham and Rhea* Stern, Sumter, SC

Dr. David L. Rowe, Stuart, FL

Abram Rubin, Stamford, NY

Louis H. and Cecille M. Shornick, Jackson, MS*

Mose Sumner, Baytown, TX*

Catherine Susser, Corpus Christi, TX

Max and Sara Swartz, Durham, NC*

Terri Union, Fayetteville, NC

Florence T. Volk, Lancaster, PA*

Emanuel Volkin, Steubenville, OH*

Elliott and Susan Weinstein, York, PA

Berry J. Zander, Greenville, SC

Rachel Zarks, Macon, GA*

Rose Zarks, Macon, GA*


*of blessed memory