Investment Institute

Influential stakeholders from Federations, Jewish Community and private foundations, representing collectively over $80 billion in Jewish communal philanthropic assets, meet for informative presentations by top industry professionals, informal peer-to-peer learning and networking.

The 2017 Investment Institute will take place in February in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Enhance your ability to make prudent investment decisions and position your Jewish Federation, community or private foundation as the preeminent steward of endowed funds.

"The truest sense of wealth, reaching one’s peak…is becoming a philanthropist." 

            – Arthur Fried, Chairman of the Board – The Avi Chai Foundation

Since its founding in 2001, the biennial JFNA Investment Institute has become the consummate venue for Jewish Federation and foundation investment committees, chief financial officers, endowment professionals, leading financial service providers and academics to deepen their understanding of the critical factors that affect portfolio performance and preservation in today’s volatile market environment.


DISCLAIMER: The Jewish Federations of North America does not promote or endorse any company participating in this Institute and takes no position regarding any risks that may be associated with participation or investment with any of the participating companies or with any overall investment strategy. Federations should not construe The Jewish Federations of North America as having reviewed or endorsed any of the information compiled and communicated as part of this program by any company or other participant, and The Jewish Federations of North America does not represent that any such information is accurate or complete. Any federation considering participation or investment in any company should consult with its legal and investment advisors and conduct a thorough due diligence process prior to making a decision.