In Israel, protesters demonstrate against Floyd killing

Over 200 demonstrators protested outside the U.S. diplomatic mission in Tel Aviv on Tuesday to decry the killing of George Floyd. Read more.

Grassroots effort to make ‘Never Again’ resound in classrooms across U.S.

Amid the rise in anti-Semitism in the United States and abroad, the President signed the Never Again Education Act into law on May 29 as part of Jewish American Heritage Month, one month after the 75th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany. Read more.

‘We stand in solidarity’: Jewish groups respond to George Floyd protests

Jewish groups are expressing outrage over the death of George Floyd, a black man killed last week by a Minneapolis police officer who has subsequently been charged with second-degree murder, and solidarity with the sweeping national protests that have followed. Read more.

Most early stage Israeli startups at risk of closure due to pandemic

Most early stage Israeli startups are struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey that shows over half of respondents saying that without additional funds they will go bankrupt within six months. Read more.

Inspired by family history, LI native helps Holocaust survivors in pandemic

“333” will forever hold a special significance to Evan Rosenberg. He tattooed it on his forearm and used it in the name of his charity. The number contains the “story of [his] family’s survival,” he said. Rosenberg’s grandmother first conveyed it to him in 2014, handwritten in a …