From Our Leadership: Bringing More Light Into the World

Read a special Chanukah message from JFNA's leadership: It takes a single spark to dispel darkness, but to sustain that light takes all of our people, working together with a shared purpose.

Israel’s largest menorah is inaugurated in Sderot

The head of Federation partner The Jewish Agency for Israel thanks JFNA and other partners for helping support Israelis living near the Gaza border. Read more.

House committee increases funding for security at synagogues

JFNA helps successfully lead the effort on Capitol Hill to garner increased funding for nonprofit security grants. The legislation was approved by the U.S. House and will now go to the Senate for review. Read more.

NJ kosher market shooting prompts security drills for anti-Semitic threats

In the wake of the Jersey City shootings, leaders from JFNA and the Secure Community Network (SCN) stress the need for security training and other preparedness measures. Read more.

U.K. plans to pass anti-B.D.S. Law

Britain’s newly elected Conservative government plans to ban local authorities from taking part in the boycott-Israel movement, a British official said. Read more.