The 2015 GA Now Begins at 2 PM on November 8

GA 2015 now begins at 2 PM! Sunday’s opening plenary starts early, followed by an additional round of breakout sessions that afternoon. The extended conference also features more time to engage with peers at FEDovation sessions, now being held on both Monday AND Tuesday. Register today.

Customizable Rosh Hashanah Marketing Material Is Available for Federations

Customizable Rosh Hashanah marketing materials are now available for Federations launching campaigns for the Sept. 13-15 holiday.

The collateral, including print and online ads and a fundraising letter written by a direct marketing expert, asks community members to start the New Year by he…

Dr. Robert Satloff Will Discuss Iran on a July 23 Federation-Hosted Webcast

Dr. Robert Satloff, an expert in Middle East policy and the executive director of the Washington Institute, will discuss the global implications of the Iran agreement on a Federation-hosted webcast on Thursday, July 23 at 12:30 PM ET.

The New York Times recently highlighted the Institu…

Federations and Philanthropy News Update, July 20, 2015

Jewish Federations throughout the country discuss the Iran nuclear deal announced last week. You can find the JFNA statement here.


Meanwhile, Fede…

Federations' LGBTQ Mission to Introduce North American Leaders to Israelis

Federations' LGBTQ Mission will introduce North American Jewish leaders to their changemaking peers in Israel. Part of increased outreach initiatives to LGBTQ communities, the mission (May 26-June 2, 2016) costs $2,999 and includes extension options for Tel Aviv Pride immediately after. For …