Coronavirus: Infected Israelis hit 705 as emergency orders roll out

Israel's Health Ministry guidelines to fight the spread of coronavirus will no longer be recommendations or requests. Rather, overnight Thursday the government signed existing restrictions into legally enforceable orders, hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared a national stat…

COVID-19 resources for Federations and other organizations

View a resource page curated by JFNA for communities addressing the coronavirus pandemic.

Preparing for the ‘worst-case scenario’: Jewish groups work amid outbreak

With the coronavirus wreaking havoc on communities, organizations are working to provide for the people who depend on them — and whose need might deepen as quarantines, school closures and work cancellations become more widespread. Read more.

As coronavirus affects Italian Jews, Israeli NGOs step up to offer support

Organizations, including Federation partner The Jewish Agency for Israel, rush to support communities hit especially hard by coronavirus. Read more.

Ssynagogues are getting creative amid coronavirus outbreak

Congregations get creative as the coronavirus outbreak curbs Purim celebrations; watch a special Purim learning session about celebrating during a time of crisis featuring a Jewish educator, an expert on human resilience and a comedian. Read more.