NJ kosher market shooting prompts security drills for anti-Semitic threats

In the wake of the Jersey City shootings, leaders from JFNA and the Secure Community Network (SCN) stress the need for security training and other preparedness measures. Read more.

U.K. plans to pass anti-B.D.S. Law

Britain’s newly elected Conservative government plans to ban local authorities from taking part in the boycott-Israel movement, a British official said. Read more.

State Dept offering $1M grant for program to counter European anti-Semitism

The U.S. State Department is accepting proposals for a new grant program to combat anti-Semitism in Europe. Read more.


Victims of Jersey City shooting remembered as generous, helpful, courageous

One opened a grocery store that became a hub for a growing community. Another was a young student who stood out for his charitable work. Another was an exemplary cop who tried to make the streets safer. Another was a worker who was always eager to help his customers. This is what we know abo…