Federation Impact

Yafit: An Ethiopian-Israeli Woman of Valor

When Yafit was seven, she and her family began to walk. This journey to escape famine and persecution took them from their village in Ethiopia to Israel. For a month and a half, they scaled mountains and forded rivers, moving in silence to avoid the attention of robbers and kidnappers.


Helping Rebuild Israel from the Ashes

For eight days in November 2016, nearly 2,000 fires ravaged communities across Israel. The devastating blazes forced more than 80,000 people to flee, destroyed over 600 homes and damaged hundreds more.
The fires were one of the costliest disasters in Israel’s history—on the financial …

JDC Takes the Fight Against Breast Cancer to Eastern Europe

It started, like so many revolutions these days, with a blog.


Breast cancer is a taboo subject in much of Eastern Europe, and women there often feel alone in their struggles against the disease.


Bori Halom started blogging in 2012, largely out of a need to break this silence. Soon …

Meet Israel's Gluten-Free Brew Guru

Growing up amid the smog and congestion of Los Angeles, Bryan Meadan dreamt of someday escaping to Israel. He could just picture himself living in the lush green Galilee, spending his nights with friends drinking beer under an open, starry sky. With help from Federation partner The Jewish Ag…

Rescuing a Family from Yemen

A homeland. A safe haven. A place—a country—to call your own.

As Jews in Yemen, life was dangerous for Manny and his family. Federation partner The Jewish Agency for Israel helped Manny escape as a child. Ten years later, his family has finally won their freedom. Watch their heart-wre…