Federation Impact

Repairing the World, One Farm at a Time

Mudin Makaria, a small farmer in Ethiopia, has struggled to make his crops grow. His land is desert-like; sandy, mineral poor and far from an adequate water supply. It’s been a challenge to feed and support his wife and seven children. Like all of the farmers in his community, he doesn’t …

Rebuilding a Family and a Future

Judith never expected retirement to be so much work.

When the widowed 67-year-old was awarded custody of her five teenage grandchildren, she needed to support them—financially and emotionally.

She soon realized she couldn’t do it alone. "I needed a support group that was big enough t…

One Summer to Change Everything


Defeated. Beaten down. Every day was the same for David*. Bullies relentlessly abused the 13-year-old, who has disabilities. In the halls of middle school and in the streets of his neighborhood—living in a small town meant there was no place he could escape his tormentors.

School administ…

Happy Chanukah!

Making a better world takes the right ingredients. Wishing you a happy Chanukah!

Keeping Houston Afloat, A Year After Harvey

One year ago, on August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey bore down on Houston, unloading 19 trillion gallons of water on the city — more than a year’s worth of rain in just five days.

The impact on the local Jewish community was devastating. More than 2,000 Jewish households flooded, and sev…