Federation Impact

Spotlight on Chicago: Local Federation Leaders attend JFNA's FedLab

David Brown and Wendy Abrams can tell you that FedLab, a deep dive laboratory, wasn’t an ordinary conference.

Nor was it designed to be.

Last winter, the leadership of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) asked themselves, “What would happen if, instead of our annual General …

Why I Give: Lee Goldberg

A chance connection with Federation helped Lee find strength and pride in being gay and Jewish. Now he’s giving back and working to connect others. See why he gives to Federation in this short video.

The Miracle of Chanukah in Odessa

The menorahs in the Hesed social welfare centers in Odessa, Ukraine are alight with an added glow this Chanukah.


The joyful lights match those in Ira Sborovskaya’s eyes. She can’t help but marvel at the progress her country has made in the years since Soviet oppression ended.



Rescuing a Family from Yemen

A homeland. A safe haven. A place—a country—to call your own.

As Jews in Yemen, life was dangerous for Manny and his family. Federation partner The Jewish Agency for Israel helped Manny escape as a child. Ten years later, his family has finally won their freedom. Watch their heart-wre…

Amid Chaos in Ukraine, Federations Provide Comfort for Vulnerable Jews

Raisa Liebenson believed she and her family would be safe when fighting broke out in her hometown of Donetsk, Ukraine. But when the 78-year-old’s apartment was destroyed by a mortar shell that rendered her temporarily deaf, she and her husband knew it was time to leave.

“Shell fragments…