Ideas in Jewish Education and Engagement

Disrupting Hebrew School:This New Approach is Transforming Jewish Education

Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz is the Senior Director and Director of Curriculum Resources for the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland. She is also the catalyst behind much of #OnwardHebrew’s work.
“The children are like sponges soaking up every bit of Hebrew they get!
Then they go hom…

The Success Equation: A User-Friendly Planning & Impact Assessment Tool

Lauren Silverstein, PHD is the Chief Impact Officer, Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ. She can be reached here.
So, you want to start assessing the impact of your program or a new initiative. Or perhaps a donor, your boss or the Board of Trustees is saying you need to!  Whatev…

The Data-Fueled Storytelling Pyramid

Sam Adiv is the Founder of OpenTent, a community-building strategy consulting team specializing in relationship management systems. OpenTent is based in Brooklyn and proud to work with JFNA and local Federations.



Good stories change our minds, and great stories change the world. Th…

Shining from Inside to Outside to Inside: Lessons on Jewish Education

Rabba Yaffa Epstein, Director of Education, N.A., Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

Hanukkah is one of the most beloved holidays in the Jewish calendar. It is easy to see why. Deep in the cold and dark of winter, we are charged to kindle the Hanukiah for eight nights, each night lighting …

What do we mean by "lifelong learning?"

It’s a common trope by now that “religious school” isn’t a universal failure. Instead, it needs and deserves significant change to reach its goals in the times in which we find ourselves. (Don’t believe us? See this article, this one, and this one.)
Here’s how Saul Kaiserman…