9 2020


12 2020

NYL Cabinet Mexico City Shabbat Experience


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The NYL Cabinet Mexico City Shabbat Experience has reached capacity. To join the waitlist, please follow the Register buttonIf you have any questions, please contact Helena Bondar.

Join National Young Leadership Cabinet in Mexico City, and network with current and alumni Chevre and their spouses/partners. The diverse histories and family narratives of our Mexican Jewish hosts will inspire a deeper connection to our own personal stories and to a Jewish culture that feels both foreign and familiar at the same time. Travel with Chevre who have direct ties to Mexico, and see the city through their eyes. Kaminos de leche i miel!

Mexico City Shabbat Experience Co-Chairs:
Brad Buslik‎- 5th Year (Washington DC)
Whitney Chotin Wolz- 5th Year (Denver) 

Mexico City Shabbat Experience Alumni Chair:
David Bramzon- Alumni (San Diego)