31 2019


7 2019

Cabinet Study Mission 2019


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Explore two richly, historic Eastern European Jewish societies. Each possessing a unique identity. Each striving to reinforce and rejuvenate Jewish life.

Dive into the fascinating community of Tbilisi. Small but determined, they’ve managed to retain much of their religious identity. Experience firsthand how Federation partners are bringing greatly needed aid to the community’s elderly as well as training and encouraging new leaders. Engage with these enthusiastic young people who are the heart and soul of a movement to revive Jewish-Georgian culture. 

Next stop: cosmopolitan St. Petersburg, where JDC’s Yesod Jewish Cultural Center is at the hub of the Jewish cultural renaissance. And, World ORT's de Gunzberg School, which is acclaimed for its exceptional academics and Jewish studies. Meet the community’s new generation of leaders. Discover how, with the help of Federation funding, they’re rebuilding and reviving Jewish life for all ages.

Learn how The Jewish Agency is connecting young Jews to Israel, Jewish culture and global Jewish community by inspiring thousands of Russian youth to embrace their Jewish heritage and build a vibrant Jewish future in the Former Soviet Union. 

Join us on this incredible odyssey. Discover how you impact our global Jewish family, and experience their impact on you.