10 2019


12 2019

FedLab 2019

For generations, Federation has been the engine that makes Jewish communal life possible.
Over the course of a century, we helped transform the world. We founded and built a nation. We rallied and worked to free millions of Soviet Jews. We saved ancient communities while building schools and synagogues, reimagining Jewish life here at home and establishing a network that cared for our most vulnerable.

But our history is only our beginning. As challenges evolve, so must our solutions. 
Today, we are calling — across generations and disciplines — upon  diverse participants to engage in a three-day laboratory. Together, we’ll reexamine our approach to long-standing issues and begin exploring new methodologies for the concerns on the horizon. 
FedLab will engage you with expert facilitators in deep conversation and interactive, problem-solving experiments that test assumptions, explore potential solutions and take us to the next level in addressing them.
In the Lab, you are the active ingredient that makes our scientific method possible. You bring creative energy and insights to a structured, interactive experience. The formula? Discover, Define, Explore + Build and Plan + Act.  
FedLab: come prepared to question and leave ready to take action, equipped with the tools necessary to tackle challenges, implement change and plant the seeds for our shared Jewish future. 
By Invitation Only.