Introducing JReady

Federation support provides a lifeline for Jews in distress locally, in Israel, and across the globe. In response to the current COVID-19 crisis and in readiness for future emergencies that may arise, The Jewish Agency for Israel established JReady - a first-of-its-kind platform for emergency preparedness, support, and relief. 


Over the past year since its founding JReady’s reach has grown to 39 countries, partnering with their local communities and organizations. The platform offers a unique opportunity for communities to learn from each other about innovations in the field of crisis management, consult with top experts, review policy and best practices, participate in high-level webinars, and develop skills to better respond to crises. JReady equips Jewish communities with the tools to address current and future challenges, including expert consultations in fields such as mental health, public health, volunteerism, resource development, education, communication, security, social services, disability inclusion, Jewish life, and more.


To learn more about JReady read this 2 page overview.